Small space and large horizon

Small Space  Big Horizon

DRS presents unlimited reverie

DRS is a powerful system integration platform, which can integrate and control multiple types of hardware and software, so as to realize the real environment superimposed on the virtual space environment, and create an infinitely wide and strong immersive three-dimensional simulation environment in a small physical space. , Thereby breaking the limitations of content creation, making people immersive in the unpredictable space.

No limit to size style, no limit to demand


The Dahooo DRS system is mainly composed of small spacing LED display system, high precision infrared capture system, and AR foreground implantation system. The display system includes LED screens, LED screen splicer, external video module, multi-channel rendering server, and control server, and infrared capture contains an infrared camera, marker point, motion capture software, etc. Foreground implantation includes physical tracking platform, three-dimensional rendering server, synthetic monitor, etc.

Now let's feel the effect of DRS together

Whether you feel the better integration of virtual world and physical world, whether your vision is better presented, this is what DRS brings

DRS core technology
DRS Technical advantages
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